This Week In Climate Change – What You Need To Know

Huffington Post - Charley Ross

You're busy, we get it. We've made keeping up with all things green super easy for you. Here's everything you need to know from the last seven days.
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Australia has reported its hottest summer on record.
Studies have reported a "long-term warming trend" in Oz, with peak day temperatures hitting almost 2 degrees Celsius above the national average. Phew.
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California is set to pass one hundred per cent renewable energy law.
In defiance of the Trump administration's attitude towards the Paris Agreement, California is in the final stages of voting in a complete commitment to renewable energy by 2045.
If the law is passed, the Golden state will become the second one after Hawaii to commit to a one hundred percent renewable energy target.
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Deadly floods have hit Africa and Asia, leaving more than 1,200 dead.
An already difficult monsoon season has reached deadly levels in countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.
Experts have confirmed that rising sea temperatures in South Asia due to climate change will have contributed to moisture in the atmosphere, and the devastating effects of the monsoon.
At least 41 million people have been affected in just three of the countries facing these floods, with thousands of villages across the affected areas cut off from food and clean water.
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Low-income homes in England and Wales will receive solar panel installations in next five years.
Up to 800,000 homes are set to receive free solar panel installations, a movement that is expected to cut hundreds of pounds from energy bills.
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Foreign fish are arriving in British waters due to changes in ocean temperatures.
Us Brits may have to change up our seafood preferences. While household favourites cod and haddock are headed north due to rises in sea temperatures, American razor clams and Pacific oysters are making an arrival in British waters.
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